What transmission does a Ford Mustang have?

Introduction: In this article, we will explain: What transmission does a Ford Mustang have? Are Ford Mustangs manual or automatic? What are the best transmissions for the Ford Mustang? Why choose USA Auto Parts to buy Ford Mustang transmissions?

  • Manual Transmission: This timeless choice offers an engaging, linked driving impression with sharp gear transitions. It is standard equipment in the base EcoBoost and GT models. Usually, it is a 6-speed manual transmission.
  • Automatic Transmission: This convenient option is advantageous for quick shifting and responsive gear changes that are suitable for slow-moving traffic or easy driving. Most contemporary automatic transmissions in Mustangs give the driver a chance to shift manually with the help of paddles on the steering wheel. The default transmission on many Mustang models is a 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.

Are Ford Mustangs manual or automatic?

The Ford Mustang is not solely a manual or automatic car.

  • Manual Transmission: This is an option offered to drivers who wish to have a more interactive driving experience. It enables smooth shifting of gears and optimizes the control of the driver.
  • Automatic Transmission: This option aims to offer a comfortable drive, especially in traffic congestion areas such as stop-and-go zones. Modern automatics used in Mustangs are reactive and harmonize with the vehicle’s performance.

Concisely, the best transmission for a Ford Mustang depends on how one drives and what he or she values most.

What transmission does a Ford Mustang have ?

What are the best transmissions for the Ford Mustang?

Manual Transmission:


  • Engaging Driving Experience: Gives the car a more cohesive feel and lets the driver have the most amount of control over the gears.
  • Potentially Lower Cost: Used transmissions are cheaper to acquire and maintain as compared to their automatic transmission counterparts.
  • Sense of Accomplishment: Learning how to shift gears seamlessly is one of the perks of driving for car enthusiasts.


  • Steeper Learning Curve: It takes some time to learn how to shift from one gear to the other without jerking, especially for the new generation of drivers.
  • Less Convenient in Traffic: It may be tiring in stop-and-go traffic, for instance. The clutch pedal will be in constant use.
  • Potentially Slower Acceleration: When it is mastered, a manual can be lighter and sometimes quicker than an automatic. But this is not easy to attain by some drivers in traffic, and they may not have the perfect shifting for accelerating.

Automatic Transmission:


Convenience: not only safer for pedestrians but also easier to maneuver in traffic and for regular daily use.

Smoother Gear Changes: The automatics of the recent production have instant and smooth shifts that can aptly match the speed of the Mustang.

Potentially Faster Acceleration: The newer automatics can even be better than manuals on the road because they provide quicker and more accurate shifts.


Less Engaged Driving Experience: It may make you feel somehow detached from the interaction with the car and its capabilities than with a manual.

Higher Cost: The purchase price and initial cost of repair of an automatic transmission are also high compared to those of a manual transmission.

Limited Control: Another thing that deserves adequate consideration is the point that even those automatics that are equipped with paddle shifters do not provide. A similar level of manual command as a free-float manual gearbox.

Why choose USA Auto Parts to buy Ford Mustang transmissions?

Rigorous Quality Assurance: We receive various rebuilt transmissions, and before incorporating them into the company’s stock. the following tests are conducted on them. This makes sure that they are saleable, conform to the high-quality standards we expect, and are functional.

Warranty Options: In addition, we may provide warranty choices for used parts as a way of ensuring the customers. They have received reliable and durable spare parts that will not cause any mechanical problems during their use because, in the process, they would have to part with more cash.

Keep the Legend Alive: Competitive Advantage Mustang owners at USA Auto Part are passionate about their cars, as everyone knows. We offer a guarantee of a worthy and fast delivery of quality rebuilt transmissions at fair prices. With which you can continue to drive your parts of your history. While creating even more memories in your special Mustang.

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